Memorial Giving

Did you ever feel the need to express your grief and sadness over the loss of your friend or family member, or parent or most unfortunately your child. Maybe you just want to let someone know that you miss him or her and care deeply for the family grieving this loss.

You feel very lonely, even when you have loved ones around to support you. Sharing your sorrow with others who have experienced similar losses can help.

The single most important factor in overcoming from loss is having the support of other people. Even if you aren’t comfortable talking about your feelings under normal circumstances, it’s important to express them when you’re grieving.

Sharing your loss makes the burden of grief easier to carry. Wherever the support comes from, accept it and do not grieve alone. Connecting to others will help you heal.

There are various ways to support our children, to learn how you can bring little happiness to these Children battling with life and their families who are in crisis and how we can help you to ease out little pain.

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